Thomas gives advice to both employers and employees on the Fair Work legislation and contractual disputes.

Thomas’ experience includes:

  1. Giving advice to employers and employees on workplace rights arising under the Fair Work legislation;
  2. Commencing, or defending, legal proceedings regarding the breach of any employment contract;
  3. Bringing and responding to unfair dismissal and general protections applications in the Fair Work Commission;
  4. Bringing and responding to applications for anti-bullying Orders;
  5. Appearing for employers and employees at Fair Work conciliation conferences and workplace proceedings;
  6. Representing employers throughout Fair Work investigations and compliance audits.

It is very important to remember that strict time limits apply to most types of employment claims. This means that if you do not take action to enforce your legal rights within the applicable time limit you may be prevented from pursuing your claim. It is therefore very important that you obtain independent legal advice regarding the applicable time limits as soon as possible.