Thomas acts for beneficiaries, executors, trustees, and other affected persons, who are caught up in the following types of disputes:

  1. Any beneficiary, or prospective beneficiary, who believes inadequate provision has been made for them under the terms of a deceased person’s Will, or out of their estate – these sorts of disputes are known as “family provision” applications;
  2. Disputes between trustees, or between a trustee and any beneficiary, regarding the administration, or improper administration, of a testamentary trust;
  3. Disputes over the interpretation of a Will or any other testamentary instrument;
  4. Contesting a Will and making or defending any claim that a Will is fraudulent or should be set aside because it has been affected by undue influence or a lack of testamentary capacity; and
  5. Filing caveats in the Supreme Court of Queensland to prevent the grant of any probate of a Will until a dispute is resolved or determined by the Court.

As with most other types of legal claims, very important time limits can apply to estate disputes. You should therefore not delay in seeking advice on your legal rights.