Governments, like ordinary citizens, are subject to the law. They are fallible and make mistakes, usually with controversial, far reaching, and sometimes destructive, consequences.

Despite his surname and family background, Thomas is not personally aligned with any political party and strongly believes that all levels of government should be held to account and subject to the will of the people.

Thomas has acted against all levels of government, including local Councils and the Queensland and Federal Governments and their respective departments.

Thomas has been involved in disputes relating to:

  1. The unlawful conduct of State and Federal Governments;
  2. Claims against the State of Queensland;
  3. Employment disputes arising under the Public Service Act;
  4. Applications for judicial review (involving judicial intervention to overturn government decisions); and
  5. Applications and appeals to the Queensland Industrial Relations Commission (QIRC).

Thomas does not undertake work in the field of planning & environment disputes, but is able to refer his clients to a trusted list of law firms with expertise in this area.