For the average person, disputes with banks or financial institutions can be daunting.

It is Thomas’ experience that people often feel overwhelmed because of the commonly held perception that banks are overly litigious, have deep pockets, and are staffed with teams of experienced lawyers and debt recovery specialists.

Whilst there is some small amount of truth to all of those things, at the end of the day banks in Australia are still subject to the law, including a restrictive regulatory regime, consumer laws, an industry code of practice, and a fulsome body of common law.

Thomas’ expertise in this area extends, but is not limited, to:

  1. Responding to action for the enforcement of any mortgage or other personal security;
  2. Bringing claims of undue influence, fraud, or unconscionable conduct;
  3. Giving written advice on any mortgage or loan agreement;
  4. The giving of advice as to whether any lawful ground/s exist for the avoidance of a mortgage, loan, or security agreement;
  5. Responding to general debt recovery action taken by any bank;
  6. The lodgment of disputes with the Financial Ombudsman Service; and
  7. Advice on the operation and effect of the Personal Property Securities Act and how it affects, or could affect, your legal rights.