Any debt which exceeds 30 days should always be actioned with a letter of demand drafted by a lawyer.

Negotiation over litigation is always preferred, however if a debt remains outstanding for more than 45 days, with no arrangement having been agreed upon for repayment, then further legal action should be carefully considered.

Thomas has expertise regarding:

  1. The development and implementation of appropriate billing and debt collection processes;
  2. Sending letters of demand;
  3. Undertaking commercial enquiries to determine the efficacy or otherwise of taking further legal action against an individual or company, including by way of real property and ASIC searches;
  4. Commencing proceedings in all Queensland Courts and the Queensland Civil & Administrative Tribunal;
  5. Undertaking enforcement action, which can involve, for example, the bailiff seizing and selling a debtor’s property for the payment of a money Order, or a debtor’s income or other payments being redirected or garnished; and
  6. Issuing statutory demands or bankruptcy notices and then, if necessary, undertaking insolvency action in the Court by way of bankruptcy or winding up proceedings.